My Work & Publications

Job Search with Financial Information: Theory and Evidence
Stanford GSB Professor Jung Ho Choi approached my team, Data, Analytics, and Research Computing (DARC), to work with Glassdoor to acquire five data pillars for this research paper. It became abundantly clear that Glassdoor wasn't willing to work with academia, so I built several webscrapes that collected employee reviews and salary compensation data at scale. Acknowledgment cited on the introductory page. View the publication.

Emerging clean energy technology investment trends
This paper, written by Bumpus and Comello and published on, discusses Emerging clean energy technology investment trends. My contribution was cleansing, massaging, and developing data analysis to support Bumpus and Comello's argument. I utilized Matlab, Tableau, and python extensively for this project. Credited for work in acknowledgments. View the publication.

Sustainable Energy Initiative
Working alongside the Sustainable Energy Initiative at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, my task was to develop an online application that would serve not only Stanford University but also the public at large. Dealing with the nuances of a confidential data backend, coupled with the need to have a responsive web-tool, created several challenges with this project, all of which were exciting to overcome. Today three European universities and several universities in the United States are actively utilizing this tool.

Discussion of Opportunity Zones
I was asked by Stanford Univesity Professor Rebecca Lester to build a Tableau based tool that would aggregate Opportunity Zones, which were defined in the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" of 2017. Challenges with this project were mainly around the limitations of Tableau not supporting U.S. Census tract data. Using python, I developed a polygon shapefile of all U.S. Census Tracts, a shapefile representing nearly seven million data points. After getting Tableau to construct the track polygons, I easily overlay the Opportunity Zone information into an interactive map. View the tool.

2017 State of Latino Entrepreneurship
My contribution to this report/publication was the development of intuitive and concise data visualizations; visualizations that highlighted Latino entrepreneurs' narrative. I leveraged Tableau and Python to create the visualizations while utilizing various data sources, including the U.S. Census report and Qualtrics surveys. View the publication.

Visualizing Cultural Heterogeneity
I developed a tool for Professor Glenn Carroll, at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, that will allow him to evaluate organizational cultural heterogeneity. The Venn diagram tool I developed is a client-side tool written in Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, D3, HTML, and CSS. The tool ingests an excel file with unlimited columns (sets) and nearly instantaneously renders a Venn diagram based on the three sets with the highest means. The second section allows users to choose the three sets they wish to execute manually. View the publication.