Career Highlights

Senior Research Data Engineer
Stanford University - School of Medicine
In the capacity of a Senior Data Engineer at The PRIDE Study, my role assumes critical importance in the facilitation of unfettered access to meticulously curated, medically-sanctioned data for faculty members and researchers. Central to my mandate is the adept handling of extensive datasets, the extraction of profound insights, and the development of sophisticated data pipelines designed to seamlessly facilitate the analysis and interpretation of complex data sets by researchers. Drawing upon my robust technical expertise and proficiency in the latest data engineering tools and methodologies, I am adept at conceiving and executing streamlined, scalable data architectures that precisely cater to the unique exigencies of The PRIDE Study. The culmination of these efforts significantly contributes to the advancement of LGBTQ+ medical research, while concurrently playing a vital role in the amelioration of healthcare outcomes for historically marginalized communities.

Senior Data Engineer (Manager of Data Engineering)
Stanford University - Graduate School of Business
I held the position of managing the Data Engineering team within the distinguished Data, Analytics, and Research Computing (DARC) unit at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. My role encompassed the development of intricate technical solutions tailored to a diverse array of faculty research projects, enshrining facets such as big data ETL, data collection, transformation, fortified storage, and sophisticated analytics.

Furthermore, I took on the responsibility of architecting and executing intricate data pipelines, collaborating closely with the DARC team's adept data scientists, the accomplished faculty of the Graduate School of Business, and a cadre of post-doctoral scholars and researchers. My repertoire boasts an elevated command of coding methodologies, and I have honed my proficiency in deploying solutions across programming languages including Python, Bash, SQL, and Node.

While my primary arena of operation involved Stanford's in-house computing cluster, I have also accrued profound acumen in navigating external platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), alongside adeptness in orchestrating operations through cloud enablers like DataBricks. This well-rounded expertise enabled me to significantly contribute to the School's research ecosystem by ensuring the effective utilization of cutting-edge data infrastructure and methodologies.

Senior Data Engineer (Manager of Data Engineering)
Stanford University - Financial Management Services
In my capacity as a Data Analyst, I provided steadfast assistance to the Financial Management Services (FMS) entity within Stanford University. My principal objective encompassed the meticulous measurement, comprehensive reporting, and rigorous analysis of data, directed towards identifying avenues for ongoing enhancement across diverse university departments.

In the context of my role, I assumed the responsibility of furnishing our business partners with incisive operational insights, extracted from the extensive data repository maintained by the Financial Support Center. Operating in the capacity of an intermediary, I seamlessly bridged the gap between the business proprietors and the support center. This entailed the conceptualization, analysis, and delivery of operational insights that were subsequently instrumentalized by FMS senior leadership in their deliberations and decision-making processes. Through these strategic endeavors, I made tangible contributions to the informed direction of FMS's operational strategies and initiatives..

Project Manager
Tivo (Formally Rovi Corporation)

Cost Accountant
Apple Computer

Finance Analyst and Project Manager
Sun Microsystems